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NuCanoe Part Deux Redux

gordon p

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So the response to my sale of the NuCanoe was massively underwhelming........as in zilch. Can't say I blame ya'll as my review was not pretty.

There is a silver lining here however, a couple of things have transpired that now have me much more enthusiastic about this craft.

A week ago on Sunday I went to my girlfriends parents house ( they have allowed me to store it in their garage ) to load it on the car for a trip north. As I was pulling it out of the garage, Lynette's 80 year old father says " Hey I was thinking, why don't you try loading it upright ( I was flipping it upside down and then tying to manhandle it on the roof rack ) it might be easier". DOH... Took me 10 seconds to slide it up on the rack, no "alligator wrestling" ! So now it sits upright like some people load kayaks and because it has scupper holes, rain is not an issue. Also, I went to the website and discovered that they had redesigned the seat base. Yay ! Now the base is arched. It is much more stiff and will only flex a tiny bit. Plus, you sit a bit higher which I like. Because it is arched, there is now enough room TO SLIDE A PADDLE UNDERNEATH THE SEAT. Huzzah !

Had to drive to Shawano on my way to Rhinelander because, with the closing of Paddle and Trail, there are NO NuCanoe dealers in Illinois. Fortunately, they had a couple of the seat bases in Shawno. The guy there was nice enough to buy back the old flat seat bases. I picked up a rod holder too. Took it out on the lake and it was a vast improvement. Wanted to take it on the Wisconsin River but it was really high and fast. I think I'll keep it and learn to love it. Somebody could have had a killer deal...................! A Ces't La Vie.


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