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Canoe Wanted


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Try http://chicago.craigslist.org


This board may have something or another location in Illinois.


I'm in the Chicago area, and looking for a canoe. If anyone is thinking of upgrading or getting rid of their current canoe please send me a note. I'm looking for something 16 or 17 feet long probably made of Royalex or Fiberglass. Thanks.
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Josh . . . as a member of Prairie State Canoeists (PSC) as well as Illinois Smallmouth Alliance, I receive the PSC newsletter which typically posts canoes and kayaks for sale. While the February - March 2007 did not include any canoe sales, you may want to check our PSC website (www.prairiestatecanoeists.org). Go to "Bulletins" and then "Classified Ads."


Steve K

(aka "Paddling Man")

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