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My first attempt at the SBS smallmouth fly developed by pilecast.net. Hard fly to tie but looks really fishy to me. Got some work to do, but hopefully, I'll get better over time. We need to get this guy to join the ISA or speak at the next Blowout.







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I tied one of those over the winter. You're right it's not the easiest to tie but does look to be a good fly. Pushes a lot of water but gets a little heavy for my 6wt.

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Here's the video referred to on pilecast. It does a good job of telling the story. Right off the bat there is a negative lesson on what happens if you don't trim the butts of the fur first-trouble. It is lots easier to trim to length before it is tied down. After I got over that I enjoyed the rest. It seems to take a lot of fussing to get the head in shape. A tip of the hat to Dave for getting it on In the Rifle.

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