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New boat

Ryan Kral

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Well, pulled the trigger on my first boat, besides kayaks. I purchased a Towee Rivermaster. If anybody is considering this style boat, Todd from Towee has been awesome to work with. He's getting real busy now, my build isn't scheduled for pickup until May. I have done a lot of research and talked to just about all the guides in the area that are using them, and none of them had anything bad to say. It rows very well on the rivers, but different from a DB, and can haul on the lakes with a 20hp. I'm excited. Now anybody got somewhere I can store it! Ryan

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Ryan and Mike, if you ever need a oarsman (if thats a word) or help in transport let me know. Lets see a picture when you guys get yours.

Bart, I'll definitely take you up on that at some point. Mike should be picking his up fairly soon I believe, mine not until probably May. Ryan

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