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Flies of March

Mike G

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My bad for unilaterally proposing the Winter Olympic Challenge. This time I will consult with the membership. March offers a lot of opportunity for theme flies. You pick your day.


Of course there is the Blowout which is celebrated with a dozen or so world class floaters thanks to the SM Rob.


We will go out like a Lamb on the 31st with the fruits of the second swap thanks to Forest the SM.


Now in between there a few more days to celebrate. I will give some examples of what we could do. Mardi Gras is Tuesday. Since it is so close to the Blowout, a real pro at partying should be able to do both and only have to sober up on Wednesday.


Here's a fly from the past-the Mardi Fodder.




Mid month there are two days I remember celebrating in the old neighborhood. Polish and Italians always gave St Joseph his due on the 15th. The R/W reminds me of the Polish flag.




For St. Patrick March 17 we remember that he gave the Irish the original Thumper.




I hope this gives you some ideas.

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clever ideas. didnt you do a box of flies with nfl colors a few years ago? that was a fairly popular raffle item rich mc

I did Chicago Clousers which included da Bears. I was going to do the NFC North Clousers this year, but I ran out of time.


D'oh! I forgot that March 20 is the First Day of Spring. But someone said that will be canceled this year.

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