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Dream job in Idaho

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Field technicians – Fish and aquatic ecology in Idaho


Summer employment for fish and aquatic ecology field assistants in the Frank

Church River of No

Return wilderness -- Field research technicians (1-2) are needed to assist a

project on juvenile

salmon ecology in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho.

Technicians will help

quantify trophic relationships, growth rates and abundance of juvenile Chinook

salmon and other

fish in the aquatic community of the Big Creek drainage. Principle duties will


electrofishing sample reaches, collecting fish stomach contents, sampling


quantifying aquatic habitat and conducting behavioral observations through



Qualifications: Strong applicants will have experience in field biology,

particularly in remote

settings, and a high level of interest in fisheries and aquatic ecology. We are

seeking applicants

with enthusiasm for research in wilderness settings, who are in good physical

condition, able and

willing to traverse rough terrain, backpack with research equipment on trips up

to 1.5 weeks, in a

hot/dry climate. We will base at a wilderness field station for the entire

summer with routine

sampling trips away from camp. Ability to cooperate and get along with crew

members for an

extended time in the remote backcountry is a must.


Schedule: Late May through mid- to late August, with some flexibility


Compensation: A stipend of $2800-$3200, commensurate with education and


Research travel and lodging expenses covered.


To apply: Please compose a cover letter addressing your interest and

qualifications for the

position and attach it to a resume, including contact information for at least 2


references. Forward to the physical or electronic address listed below. These

positions provide an

excellent opportunity for valuable and diverse field experience in a beautiful

setting; come join us

for a fun and busy summer! Information on the research station is available at:


www.cnrhome.uidaho.edu/taylorranch.htm. Applications will start being reviewed

March 26.


Kara Cromwell

University of Idaho

Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources

PO Box 441136

Moscow, ID 83844-1136


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I agree Tim. That sounds like a fun and interesting job.


However, thousands of college kids across the country will apply for that position. I considered going the conservation route when I was in college until I talked to few that worked in the field. Jobs are scarce. The income is lousy. You have to move hundreds of miles for small promotions. LOL- I decided I wanted to make at least a livable income so I became a teacher. (insert joke here). Good fishing. Paul

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All true, Paul.


I would also add, that the severe competiton for those jobs also forces you to deal with some nasty politics and more than one person I've known has been seriously injured or killed doing jobs like this.


You have to be a certain kind of person to thrive in that environment.

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