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Last Cast of Hanukkah-the Martha Muddler

Mike G

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Well, it isn’t really a cast; it’s a fly. But I am using a figure of speech like “last shot of the season.” At the end I will explain where I got the idea of using the heart shaped beads for a fly head.This fly has a muddler silhouette. The Bead is set at 90 degree angle to the flat eye of the 410 Hook.


Hook: #2 EC 410 or similar 60 deg hook or straight shank hook of similar size.

Thread: Red “D” Nylon Rod Wrapping Thread

Tail: Red Chrystal Flash about ½ the length of the hook shank

Wing: Black Distinctive Sparkle Fur 1 ½ to 2 times the length of the shank

Collar: Midnight Magic Yarnbee Gilt Eyelash trimmed to shape.

Head: Heart Shaped Craft Bead

Eyes: small stick on sealed with epoxy, CCG, or Sally Hansen’s


Directions: After tying in tail, wrap the same crystal flash fibers forward to form body. Stop body about 1/3 down shank from eye. Tie in wing of Sparkle Fur guard hairs. (Leave in underfur for a fuller wing.) Tie off and trim thread. Wrap collar of eye-lash all the way forward to the 60 degree bend. Tie off and trim thread. Apply eyes to bead head. Put bead over hook eye and apply Crazy Glue to inside of hole. Align to produce a flat sculpin head and push head down over collar. Add more crazy glue where the shank protrudes from bead. Start thread in front of bead and wrap a tapered head that will keep the bead head from sliding forward. Whip finish, trim thread, cement head and eyes.


So I got my last fly in about 15 minutes before the holiday ends. As I began with a Martha craft pattern, I end with another one. In 2007 at a fly fishing show in Schaumburg, I saw the trick of using heart shaped beads for heads at Mike Flyrodder Miller’s booth.

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We really need to get you a camera for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.


What has happened to this generation? Has it lost its God given ability to use its faculty of imagination? Why must everything come with pictures? If D.H. Lawrence were alive he would be forced to do pop up books. :wub:


As for a camera please get me a DSLR Canon that is compatible with my EOS lenses.

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