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the Seventh Fly of Hanukkah--Distinctive Shenk Minnow

Mike G

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Rule 1: there are no rules. So here is a pattern without a picture. It capitalizes on the wonderful properties of Distinctive Fabric's Sparkle Fur. The guard hair has tremendous action and the underfur can be stacked or spun on the shank of the hook. I like it because you get a Shenk without having to fabricate bunny fur chenille.


Hook: #4 3xl Streamer or other sizes larger or smaller.

Thread: White Nylon strong enough for spinning or stacking.

Tail: A thick bunch of White Sparkle Fur "guard hair" fibers about 1 1/2 times the length of the hook shank.

Body: White Sparkle Fur underfur spun or stacked evenly along the length of the shank and trimmed to the distinctive blunt headed Shenk Minnow shape. There is no need to remove the guard hairs for this process.

If you want add eyes and/or gills.

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My personal favorite, craft-fur or sparkle-fur. This fly should be deadly.


I was at Cabela's today, just browsing around. The Rapala Shad Rap and the Berkley Flicker Shad have some nice color patterns that caught my eyes. I think I'll try to imitate some of these patterns over the winter with my CF Muddler.

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