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Good read-especially you salty guys

Ryan Kral

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This is the latest post from "Gink and Gasoline". Thought this was a pretty cool story. Great blog site, I've been reading their daily blogs for a while now. Geared towards fly guys, but has lots of interesting stuff that any fisherman would find interesting. This ones good though, I can only imagine how pumped you would be with this happening at the end of your line! Ryan


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I remember winning a battle like that on a smaller scale. While we were fishing Basswood Lake in the Quetico long time ago, a 12" Smallmouth took my Mickey Fin. Instead of mixing dives and leaps like Smallmouths do, this one stayed on top leaping constantly. Being able to see it better from the other end of the Grumman, My father shouted, "Mike, there's a Musky after it, give it line." My animal turned on. Like a dog with a bone I was not going to let that Sky have my fish. To my father's disappointment, I horsed the fish to the canoe where he could net it. My fish!


We had had some experiences before fishing for bass on Clear Lake in Wisconsin where our struggling bass stopped and suddenly turned to unmovable stone. Then just as suddenly they were moving again. The ones we landed typically had patches of skin peeled off their sides or tails.


There's an informal pole here. Would/should you save your fish or feed it slack chancing on taking the Musky? It happens fast; so it is best to think it over ahead of time.

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