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Looking for a canoe?

Ryan Kral

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Now that I sold the kayak, I'm in the market for a canoe. I had a friend who was looking to get rid of his, but it was pretty beat up. Just looking for something basic, that would be ok solo if need be, but also be a good multi day pack canoe. Not looking for a solo canoe. Something like the basic recreational old Townes or pelican? Let me know. Thanks, Ryan

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Good luck Ryan. Lots of canoes out there fill your bill. This may be a good time to buy as the summer winds down. No canoe does everything; so think how mush time you will use it for each purpose.


You can get by soloing by sitting backwards in the bow seat for a while though it is not the best way to spend an outing. For solo in a larger canoe (17'),I have had one of these seat yokes for many years. It replaces the center thwart and mounts on special quick remove clips. The trim is near perfect for solo; it is great as a yoke; and it gives you a third seat in the middle. (A trick I use is sitting on it in the "yoke" position to give me a little more seat height.)

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