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Jackson Coosa Kayak for sale

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, figured I would put this up here first before craigslist. Unfortunately, I only have a single car garage, and I dont have room for the Coosa, and the new canoe I am wanting to purchase. I absolutely love the Coosa, but my son is old enough now where I could start taking him out in a canoe. I know the used coosa's are a hot item online, and I could get rid of it real quick, so if anyone's interested, I would like to get rid of it ASAP. Asking $825 firm, with paddle, or $875 with Malone Seawing kayak carrier. You would just need to have square bars on your luggage rack, doesn't matter the brand. The Malone crossbars are cheap, and good quality, they sell them at BPS. I know what these are selling for used, so please dont PM me with lower offers. Thanks guys, I'm in Wheaton if anyone wants to take a look. Ryan



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Good looking boat. Clean. Classic how you captured the little tyke tooling around in the background!

Thanks Eric, it is very clean. Yep, hes always on the move! Thats why I want to sell the kayak, so I can get him out on the water, he loves it. Ryan

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