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potawatomie shrub planting

Guest rich mc

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terry asked if we wanted to assist in planting some shrubs for earth day sat april 21 . ? rich

Count me in Rich! Potowanamie's looking really good but lot's more work to be done! Maybe if we can catch Terry in person we can talk about some things we would like to see done and get approval.


What do you say boys, a little bush planting and then some fishing?

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I plan on meeting the guys for breakfast at CV, then heading down to help out with the planting. Definitely fishing after that, but I'll play it by ear as to where.

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Guest Mark P

Where will you guys be planting? I don't want to get in anybody's way. I'm going there to fish on Saturday. I'll be pulling streamers all day.


Mark P

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Guest Mark P
we willplant in the morning then fish about mid morning. mark p , please bring me an extra streamer. planting starts at 9am rich


No problem with the streamer.


I'll park at the first dirt lot on the left and work that water to start. Look for me around that area.


Any tips on other "hot spots" downstream will be appreciated.



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