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Wading rules?

Greg N

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Hi Everyone,


First post so please bare with me.


I currently live in Naperville but am moving to Yorkville soon and I'm excited to fish the Fox.


I'm thinking about getting in to wading but was wondering the legality of walking out in a river. For example, the west branch of the dupage river (the portion that goes through downtown Naperville), is it legal to wade this river?


I have seen fish but have trouble finding a good shore location to fish from and was considering wet wading.


Thanks for the tips and apologize if this question has been asked before

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Hey Greg, their are lots of places to wade the west branch, but I wouldn't do it downtown. Otherwise, lots of guys on this page wade it from winfield to way south of Naperville. Plenty of forest preserves to access it. Good luck.

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Naperville used the DuPage County Forest Preserve regulations as a basis for their rules. The ISA was instrumental in getting DuPage County to remove their restriction. It is now OK to wade on DuPage County Forest Preserve sections of the DuPage River. We've got to revisit the Naperville Park District and see if we can get them to change their regulations.

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