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Anchoring a pontoon?

Jim J

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Moved to a lake last nov and inhereted an 18' pontoon with electric minkota.


It has a 30lb anchor tied to it but that's too heavy for my daughter or wife to lift over the side especially with mud on it.


I am contemplating a claw anchor that would be lighter but it is a high percentage rock base generally not over 12'.


Any suggestions on making anchoring easier?

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Guest rich mc

having owned a 18ft pontoon years ago i suggest two anchorsif anchoring off the bow ,one on each corner. i used a15lb river anchor with a two foot section of chain. very hard to anchor on windy days even when the anchor holds,walking to the back will cause the front to rise and catch wind. you will move. i also hated that everyone sees you pull a fish up over the rail and come to fish by you. i still have two window weights for your yak. rich

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I have two homemade anchors for my pontoon boat. I filled a one gallon and a two gallon plastic bucket with concrete mix. Before the concrete set, I sunk a big eye screw into the concrete, leaving the closed circle end on top of the concrete. When the mix hardened it was easy to pop out the bucket shaped anchors. and attach a rope through the eye screw. With these two smaller anchors I can hold the boat in one spot, even with a strong breeze.


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Dick,great idea with the anchor. Now all Jim needs to do is grab a rod and cold drink and blast the song "Pontoon" on the speakers while reeling in a lunker.

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