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Fly reel deal

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, if anyone is in the market for a new fly reel, found a good deal on the new Lamson KonicII reel at fishwest.com. Its standard price for the reel, but you receive a free standard WF line,3wt-12wt, and free backing. Or you can upgrade to more expensive lines at a discounted price. I bought the reel for my 8wt, but got a 9wt line for a future 9wt rod. Wont be using the 9wt rod enough to justify spending big bucks on the sharkskin lines I usually use. Anyways, probably a $40 line for free either way. Just FYI. The Lamson Konic II reel has gotten great reviews everywhere I looked, and I've been looking a while! The original Lamson Konic's can be found at discounted prices now. Ryan

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Guest Jim S.

The original Konic spools also fit the new Konic II reel, an added bonus. It's just a bit darker gray, but spools can be bought for about $25 less than the new II spools.

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Rob, from what I understand, the main difference between the two besides color, is a smoother, supposedly more durable finish on the new. And I read that the drag is supposed to be a little smoother on the initial pull. The old one gets just as good reviews though, the drag is the same, they just corrected something in the design to make it a little smoother. I have only seen a couple reviews that complained of the durability of the finish on the old one, most reviews said nothing of it. Just from all the reviews I read, the konic has a big following, and a lot of guys use it on more than one of their rods. Ryan

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