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Blowout donation of Fishing Furniture

Michael T

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I built this piece of fishing furniture which is being donated to the Blowout as a prize. I want thank John Loebach for donating the majority of the wood that made building this possible. My design for the piece was that it would hold flyrod tubes and a few spinning or baitcasting rods as well. There are 6 drawers with inside dimensions of 14” wide by 9.25” deep by 4” high. This should be a fair amount of room to hold all kinds of lures and fly tying material. Overall, it's approximately 30" wide by 13" deep by 30" tall. It's made of red oak with a combination stain of "red mahogany" and "gun stock" and several thins coats of satin polyurethane. For a little perspective, the flyrod tube it's holding in the pictures is about 38" long.


Here are a few pics of the rod rack with drawers:




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My deceased grandfather, the cabinet maker & craftsman, would be in total admiration of that piece.



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Thanks for all the compliments guys, you're very kind. I hope it's able to assist greatly in the funding raising!


Mike C: BWAHAhahaha.....when I told my wife "oh no honey, this isn't for my stuff, I'm going to donate it" I came pretty close to sleeping on the couch that night.


Rick D: I have more respect for the 'ole timers than those working today. We've got all the creature comforts in shop today including carbide tipped everything. Watching an 'ole timer handle a plane is a thing of beauty.


Steve J: Yes, the pulls are custom made. I just couldn't bring myself to hit the local hardware store for drawer pulls. And, I thought it lend a non-retail feel.


Good luck everyone!!

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