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"Chi-Tie" Bar Flies Social Tying Event 3.11.2013

Tim A

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Fellow BassBuggers,


I wanted to let you know of a monthly fly tying event called "Chi-Tie" that I am helping to get rolling right here in the city of Chicago. It's a fly tying gathering at a small local bar near Diversey harbor. We did one last month to kick things off and it went very well. We will be trying to keep to a 2nd-Monday-of-every-month schedule.


That means the next event is March 11, 2013, a little less than two weeks from now. This one is already looking like it will be better-attended than the last, but I want to make sure to extend the invitation and information to all of you. I have already spoken with Capt. Austin Adduci, who is planning on attending and bringing some of his friends. We are talking with the bar to see if we can get them to play some fish porn on one of their big TV's during our time, and there's talk of a tying demo by one of our local celebs. I'll keep you posted on those things in this thread.


The event will take place at Galway Bay, 500 W Diversey (bar is located downstairs), on Monday, March 11 from 6:30pm-9:30pm. You must be 21 or older to attend.


Come on down and get social with a fine beverage and a great bunch of local anglers. Leave with a few flies and some new ideas.


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Just a reminder, this event is tomorrow! Roughly 6:30-9:30pm at Galway Bay 500 W Diversey (it's downstairs).


Kurt Kopala of A Tight Loop magazine will be tying up something meaty, and we will be donating flies to charity.


See you there!


Give me a call on my cell if you have any questions or trouble finding the bar: (330) 309-3544. Arrive early to find street parking.

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Just want to say we had a great time and good crowd last night. Capt Austin Adduci, Kurt Kopala of A Tight Loop, PJ from the Driftless area, and Eric--the owner of DoubleGun Cigars were all there. I was glad to see some ISA faces in the form of John L and Eugene. Thanks for making it out to the city, fellas! I'm gonna try to make it to one of your garage meetings soon!

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