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January 27, Central IL Bassbuggers FlyTying Gathering

Rob G

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A shameless plug mind you. You might also want to bring one of your favorite blue gill flies that you would be willing to share with others as well.


January 27, Sunday ...(1-4 PM)... TOP WATER FLIES, PIES, And BLUEGILL GUYS. No football this weekend and so we’ll be tying some of our favorite surface flies and poppers and ordering pizza. We’ll have our Crease fly cutters, Kreb’s popper cutters, hopper body cutters and some pre-formed popper bodies for you to work with. We have also extended an invitation to the BigBluegill.com guys and so hopefully we’ll have some neat new patterns we can learn from them when fishing for that other sunfish species.

Contact Rob G. or "Klrbaer" on these forums for more information.

Bloomington, IL Fire Station #2

1911 E. Hamilton Rd.

Bloomington, IL 61704

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A little follow up:

despite the crummy weather and the prediction of significant freezing rain and ice, we still ended up with 13 attending our first fly tying gathering of the year. I think every one had a great time and I know each of us were able to learn a few new tricks from one another. Afterwards we had a nice BBQ dinner, seeing how the 4 pizzas I ordered end up being delivered 40 MILES away (long story)


Next meeting will be February 24th in Urbana so please consider joining us and I promise the pizza will be served, even if I have to make it myself.




Jim Z showing off one of his killer Bluegill patterns to Big Dave from BigBluegill.com




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