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Mark K

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I caught Lefty's casting presentation at the show today. He took the top section off a 4 piece rod and actually cast with it. Wow. Fly casting is like swimming (something else I'm trying to learn), all technique. Very little to gain with muscle a whole lot with technique. I fly cast like I swim, with way too much effort.

He had some audience members up to cast. Their casting looked okay to me, but he demonstrated that he could cast farther holding the rod with two fingers. An 82 year old guy, that needed help getting off the ground when he knelt to demonstrate a cast. It was incredible. I saw Jason Borger last year who was also impressive but Lefty was much easier to follow. I missed the beginning of his presentation which I'm still kicking myself over. He does this motion with his body side to side taht feels very natural to me. I would like to get that down.

Has anyone read any of his books or seen a DVD of his?

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I also watched Lefty's demo. twice and thought it was great. I bought his dvd called Lefty on fly casting about 2 month ago which helped me understand what he was demonstrating at the show and come away with a lot more knowlege of what he was saying. I highly recommend this dvd.

Harold H.

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