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"With a name like Bang-o-lure it has to catch fish."


A while ago when Eric was tearing them up with his Megabass Prop Darter, I had a feeling that I had seen that kind of lure before--a long time before. I wasted time searching because I thought it was a variation on the Storm ThunderStick. All searches drew a blank.


Then I came across a name which rang a bell--the Bagley Bang-0-lure.





“The Spintail Bang O Lure is the most versatile lure ever made. It has a spinner prop on the tail that adds to the surface drama when twitched, but has that slow wide wobble that made this lure famous on the retrieve. It is effective as a surface bait and gets hits on the retrieve.”


New owners are reviving the design. Retailing at about $9.00 it may be a bargain compared to the Megabass version with a $25.oo tag.


See more at: http://www.basstackledepot.com/bagley-baits-bang-o-lure-spin-tail.aspx

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Nice looking lure. It's not about what you're throwing, but where you're throwing it. ;)


Good point. Uncle Homer wrote about the Corn Cob Lure. I am working on a lure made of wine bottle corks. The synthetic corks from Yellow Tail bottles have a nice heft to them. Look for a plain popper and a prop model. A buzz blade will be available as an option. Maybe I will print a motto on the package,"It's not about what you're throwing, but where you're throwing it." Now taking orders. :wacko:

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"Your buddy in the back of the boat will holler "D'oh" when you hook and land a big, fat bass while fishing the 4-1/2" shallow-diving Homer Simpson crankbait. If you can't get any action out of Homer, switch to the 4-1/4" Bart Simpson surface-skater that dares the lunkers to eat its shorts. Or you can try the the double-jointed Marge diver when you're in a hopeless situation and just refuse to quit. Tie on the floating 2" Imitation Gruel can when the fish are up top. Just like Krusty says, "It's the sharp aftertaste that gets 'em." And if you want to stir things up at your local "fission" hole, you'll have two versions of the 2-1/2" Blinky the three-eyed wonderfish to choose from."

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If anyone wants to get me Blinky off eBay, I'll GoPro myself catching a monster smallie with it and post it to YouTube.


Looks like a nice shallow runner for the Fox!


Dream on! Those Simpsom baits are going for $50-100 NIB. Slightly used $35 if you can find one.


Here's what I can do for you. When I get the design worked out, I will send you a prototype of the Yellow Tail cork popper. You can be my Beta tester with permission to shiow the bait on YouTube.

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