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  1. Clarity 30"+. Weeds just starting to flow but not a problem yet. Water temp 80. River is in great shape for wading.
  2. Clarity 10-12". No floating moss. Water temp is around 80. Fish are in the faster water. Jig and plastic, spinners. A few on topwater. Fishing much better with cloud cover.
  3. Still worth coming out. Hook up with a 3K vet and you'll learn a lot that can be applied throughout the year.
  4. The moss can be frustrating if you don’t adapt. Every year it gets worse and starts earlier in the season. I very rarely throw crankbaits anymore. Couple of things you can try – 1. When fishing with a jig and plastic cast straight upstream and don’t let the jig fall to the bottom. You’ll have to move around more to work specific structure but you will be able to work deeper in the water column. 2. Fish to upper water column. When the moss is real bad I throw topwater. 3. If the water is fairly clear throw a white spinnerbait. You can see it and work it around floating clumps of moss. 4. Move upstream. Sometimes moving a few miles upstream can make a difference
  5. I use 8 LB Fireline and close the bail by hand just before the lure hits the water. Been fishing this way the last 3-4 years and have only respooled once. I never have a problem with the line knotting.
  6. Mike H

    Heading to the K3?

    I was at the State Park last night. Flow is still pretty strong. Should be better this weekend if we don't get much rain. Go to the main entrance of the State Park, park in any of the many parking areas and then walk the bike path. You might want to rethink wading. Lot's of bass on the beds right now. Clarity is 12-15". I forgot to get a temp.
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