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  1. sambennett

    Fair price?

    Hey Norm- I've been chunking these as well as fly fishing a bit with them since I got my hands on an 8 wt. (Mostly chunking!!!) It's called a bottoms up and I'd pay $7.50 for a well tied one. It's a lot of materials and time. If I already posted this video, apologies for the re-post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeKyw1NUaU0 For you fly or die guys: if you're not fishing this for smallmouth... well, sorry. It's a killer. -SB
  2. I'd love to try that on the Fox. For flatheads. -SB
  3. Yah know, these things aren't horribly difficult or expensive to make. http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/lure-making-parts/ -SB
  4. Don't mention any spots!!! Heh. -SB
  5. "BTEX" means benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene. -SB
  6. Hm. Sounds expensive in the long run. I'll stick with my Iwata. -SB
  7. Hey All- Thanks for the input. I guess I was a little unclear. It doesn't have to be a buzzbait at all - I'm looking for a fly that is as fun to fish as a buzz on gear. Agreed, if I'm going to fish a buzz I'll chuck. I guess my question was really - what's an exciting topwater fly to fish? -SB
  8. Hey Folks- Started getting into the fly thing a bit. When gear chucking I love the buzzbait. What type of fly is going to make me as happy as when fishing a buzzbait? It needs to be small enough to throw on a 4 wt. The only fly I've thrown yet is a green muddler and it's fun enough. But it ain't no buzzbait. What's the analog in the fly fisherman's world? What's the awesome topwater? -SB
  9. ^^^ This. I'm down in Bama lately and these slow, clear streams made me think about line more. The problem isn't line shyness, IMO. I spook them with silt walking downstream. The minnows set off the alarm as they spook and run when I walk upsteam. My successes have come flipping lures over and under branches in tough spots while standing high up on the bank. 30 lb PP worked just fine. It's my big, dumb body moving through the water that shuts off the bite. The fish aren't shy, had a 4+ bump my leg and stare up dumbly at me. Not shy, just smart. I can get one long cast and one fish while wading most of the time, after that the gig is up. For the bigger fish, at least. The dinks aren't too smart. -SB
  10. I've got a nice pic of the post-emergent shell if ya want it. They get much rounder through the thorax just prior to hatch, I assume to make room for the wings. As a gear chunker I've thought a very mini-beaver bait might work well. It'd need to be 1.5" or so and no one makes 'em that size, of course. Good thing about being a fly guy: tie one up, no molding or pouring required. It's not been lost on me. Maybe tenkara. The less accoutrements the better for me, personally. And sorry I missed the fly clinic. I was looking forward to it, just had to get out of town that weekend. I may just make a cane pole and start flipping. Beautiful, straight black bamboo covers the bottom of the yard in Dixie. I need a stealthy way to approach these clear streams. The problem is really the minnows. They run up and set off the alarm for the whole creek. If I walk downstream the silt busts me. Selah. Flipping from the openings in trees I've found a few. Been bumped repeatedly by a 4+ whilst wading. Asshole. -SB
  11. I have the same pair of river shoes I bought at Walmart 5 years ago. They work great. Less than $20 if I recall. -SB
  12. I think I know what you're saying about where you're adding weights, but hard to understand this part: "Basically the blade is on a separate wire with a loop at the end that attaches to a loop on the end of the wire coming from the bottom of the lure." I'd ask for a pic... but... you know. Ever run a tandem buzzer? Not tandem blades, but a buzzer with a trailer bait of some sort? Either a smaller spinner, a small buzzer or even a shallow crank? Shallow crank would get it down. This has got the wheels spinning Norm. I expect you'd have to go with a pretty heavy mono connector to make sure they don't twist on the cast. I've definitely had luck picking up fish behind a buddy fishing the buzz. Seems like some wake up but don't hit, or even miss it. Following up with a different bait works well sometimes. -SB
  13. Trust the Buzzer™. -SB
  14. Whichever buzz bait you use, roughing up the little spacer where it contacts the blade makes 'em sing louder. I use my needlenose to make an indention in both the base of the blade and the spacer. Over time it gets worn smooth again. Lather, rinse, repeat. I'm headed down to the Conecuh National Forest this weekend and you can be damnsure the buzzer is the first bait in the box. I always thought they were supposed to mimic a small mammal or a baby bird. I've caught 'em just about every way, from jerking and letting it actually submerge to burning it as fast as I can. Nice thing about the buzzer is that you can go through a variety of cadences on a single retrieve. The fish will tell you what they like. One thing is for certain - big bass love 'em and small bass won't hesitate to whack 'em. -SB
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