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  1. Fredmo

    Hand shaped balsa popper

    Maybe this competition could be limited to us grown-ups, otherwise known as seniors. Boy, I remember Green Stamps!
  2. The Tribune article says this is near Oakwood, so Rob, is that located south of I-74? I was trying to get it into my head just where this is. It is such a pretty river and a great environment for so many different activities, I hate to see it anywhere along the river.
  3. Supposed the lack of response is no one has any ideas, not interested, or just chomping at the bit for fishing weather to get here (for those of us who aren't cold weather fans)? My latest Fly Tyer magazine has a couple of ideas I might like to try, but need to find a wine bottle with an aluminum seal.
  4. There's always Friday's and Panera's nearby the firehouse, as well as your favorite barbeque at Dave's.
  5. Rob-Just looked at the video. Do you plan to use craft fur or bucktail?
  6. Someone send Ed a calendar.
  7. Fredmo

    WINTER FLY SWAP - Panfish/Crappie

    Hopefully mine were received last week, at least they were sent.
  8. I'm game for either date. No travel for me.
  9. Fredmo

    Mickey Finn variations

    So, you are suggesting making them and just leave out the hook?
  10. Fredmo

    Mickey Finn variations

    I recently was looking at tying some flies with some of the bucktail that i've acquired over the past months. I was looking at a Mickey Finn, but that seems to require red and yellow bucktail. Are other color combinations used with success, as in making other colors and still catch fish? Interested in input from anyone who has some experience in this area.
  11. Fredmo

    WINTER FLY SWAP - Panfish/Crappie

    I got mine tied, not sure what Rob means by "more appropriate" flies.
  12. Fredmo

    Wednesday Morning Quiz Week 1

    I read all this so I think someone owes me a six-pack. I'll accept a dark or light beer, bottles or cans, but cold.
  13. Fredmo

    Wader Boots

    I see Cabela's have their own Guidewear Boots with BOA and also a Korker's Whitehorse boot with aBoa system, both somewhat discounted. Anyone know anything about either?
  14. Fredmo

    WINTER FLY SWAP - Panfish/Crappie

    I'll use this as an excuse to get back to the vise. I'll do the Bully's Bluegill spider, as described by Terry Wilson.
  15. Fredmo

    Illinois is hog CAFO heaven

    Warren Goetsch never met a CAFO he didn't like. At one point the Illinois Dept. of Ag had never turned down a permit request, not sure from the article that there has been any change.