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Anyone have a recipe for bear meat???


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The Bears love being the Underdog it gives them inspiration. Come the end of the game it will be a Bears Victory and they will be making BBQ Colt for the Victory Party. The Urangatang (sp) which has predicted the the last four games correctly has choosen the Bears.

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Bears win if any two of the following occur:


1. Colts run defense is what we think it is.

2. Good Rex shows up.

3. Peyton starts daydreaming about how to get the remaining 10% of the Colts payroll that isn't his.

4. Bears are +3 in turnovers or more.

5. Hester breaks one (or two).



Colts win if:


1. A heavily armed group of Bobby Knight impersonators hijacks the Bear's bus on the way to the stadium.

2. The Bear's pre-game meal has been poisoned.

3. The refs are all from French Lick.

4. High school sweetheart from Bloomington blackmails Rex with paternity suit.

5. There is no God.

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Not being a fan of either team or animal I would say they not are worthy of the status of a meal.



On a lighter side when a Wolverine invades Illinois. They consume all the species and inhabitants.


May whichever of the two survive. I'll be sorting my order from assalt.com. during the BIG game.


Go Blue!

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