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dam removal

Guest rich mc

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Yep, Yorkville said they dont want to pay for it, big suprise right. http://yorkville.patch.com/articles/river-road-bridge-tied-to-dams-fate and the latest http://beaconnews.suntimes.com/news/10680360-418/story.html If they like it or not Yorkville is probably going to be removing the dam, thank god it was attatched to the bridge. A nice new spawnig habitat!!! cant wait

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Removal of dam means better fish habitat. Better fish habitat will attract more fisherman. More fisherman means more commerce for businesses in Yorkvville. Seems like a no brainer to me. Would be a shame to see the momentum stalled by Yorkville's failure to join in this project.

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Interesting that in our Danville newspaper today, big article on the city seeking federal funds in order to remove the two low head dams near where the Vermilion and North Fork Rivers come together. This has only been talked about by the city board for the umpteenth time, and they always come back to a canoeist that lost her life 9 years ago. If it improves the fishing and is safer, I'm all for it, heck then I could jump in my canoe behind my house and never have to get out of it until New Orleans if I didn't want to. :lol:

Only draw back that I see is they say river levels may drop upstream and I do worry about the Asian carp then being unrestricted to move upstream as well.

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