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How many/type rods needed for your float?

Rick D.

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I'm curious to see what rod/reel combinations our anglers are carrying in the river or stream watercraft.


I normallly carry two spinning or a spinning and flyrod when kayaking or canoeing.

I also carry either a pack rod in spinning or fly as backup.


On my inflatable catraft I carry a single spinning, or fly rod with an alternate spinning or fly pack rod for backup.


In a Jon or shallow-vee boat I carry a casting and spinning rod.


I primarily fish via kayak or canoe when using a watercraft.

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I usually carry at least three in my canoe.l



A 5'9" light casting outfit


A 6'3" medium spinning outfit


A 6' light action spinning oufit


Though I have many, I don't like carrying longer rods on a river float trip. Every so often I will carry a fourth rod and point it out the back of my boat.




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I usually carry a combination of these spinning rods depending on my intended water.



6'6" Fin-Nor Mega lite Medium-Light.


6'6" Fenwick HMX Medium-Heavy.


7' Berkley Trout Series Light (Glass)


6'6" Galyans HMG 40 Performance Series Medium-Light 4 pcs. Pack Rod. (Back-up)



I utilize a combination of these flyrods depending on streams and conditions.


8'6" Custom-build Lamiglass IM-7, 5-6 wt. or 7-8 wt. (two tips).


8' Reconditioned 7 wt. Montagu 3 pcs. cane.


7' Fenwick FF70 6 wt. (Glass)


In the picture I'm fishing the Fin-Nor with a Stratic 2000 and Super braid. I had my Fenwick MH w Sahara 2000 and Galyans pack rod with me.


In the backgroung you see a work deck I build to outfit kayaks.

Several patterns have patents pending.

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