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Paddle and Trail kayak fishing seminar

Jim J

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Eric and I will be giving a clinic on kayak and river fishing at Paddle and Trail in Aurora on Thursday Jan 5th.

There will be time to check out all the boats at PT. Informal hanging out at 6:00 and the clinic starts at 7:00 pm

We will be discussing smallmouth stream fishing, rigging kayak options etc.

This is a great chance to ask Eric about all those huge fish he catches. That alone is worth the trip!


There will a give a way of 5 free tickets to the Chicagoland Boat Show. At that show you'll be able to get in a lake and try any boat you've been checking out.




Blowout speaker Drew Gregory along with Jonn Graham will be giving similar seminars at the Boat Show on Saturday Jan 14th.

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You both did a fantastic job discussing some of the basics of kayak fishing. My son and I enjoyed it. I'm glad there was a pretty good turnout. I hope we get at least that many people in the upcoming River Bassin Tournament on July 28th. Thanks guys.

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I was talking with Charlie Zine at Paddle and Trail and we will probably do another Float Your Boat event this Summer with Paddle and Trail providing some kayaks for our members to test paddle.Should you even think you might be interested in kayak fishing this will be a fantastic opportunity to compare boats side by side. Stay tuned for the details as we develop this.


Ed Buric

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