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Fly rod alignment dots?

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, just curious. I have noticed that on most of my rods with alignment dots, and other rods I have looked at in stores, the dots are not even close to being properly aligned. I am assuming, if you looked down the center of your reel, towards the tip, the guides should be center with the reel? Correct me if I am wrong? I have noticed this on one of my Ross rods, and both of my TFO rods. Not a big deal, I can align it without the dots, I just find it hard to believe these manufacturers are so far off? Am I wrong, are they not necessarily supposed to line up with the reel. Thanks, Ryan

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if your reel does not line up with the guides the reelseat wasn't put on straight. keep in mind there is usually a little play and you can move the reel right or left around the rod about 1/4". it makes no difference where the dots are but when they line up the reel and guides should line up. if the reel and guides are out of whack i would call the manufacturer and talk to them about it. the error can be corrected over the winter. timothy

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I took a second look at your post. There are certainly reasons why you might find alignment dots on any multi-piece rod. But I might question the maker if dots on the rod didn't line up, because that might signal that the the sections are not matched. Matching different rod sections according to spine is time consuming, and not all makers do it. I can explain.


When I make a graphite rod, I like to align the assembled sections of the rod according to the spine of the rod. Each section of any graphite rod blank has has a stronger side and a weaker side. That stronger side is called the spine. I can build the rod, either with the spine along the top, which I like for more fighting power, or on the bottom, which I prefer for faster casting action. I will mark the end of each section at the spot where the spine is. Then I can use these marks to assemble the rod sections so as to orient the spine and the guides, etc. in a straight line along one side of the rod from end to end.


That explains one reason to put marks along a rod. Whether these rod makers are actually doing this to match the sections is a mystery. But there is ZERO reason (that I can think of) for any rod builder to just randomly mark any rod with dots with no purpose.

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