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youth waders

kevin summers

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I know times are tough for some of us .. Others get a new Jackson Kayak, Yes I am a bit Jealous but Congratulations ERIC!!! You can't argue with results and you sure have been catching the BIG Fish!!! Back to My point, I have a size 7 Cabella's youth waders with boots attached that are in Very good condition. If anyone can use them ,they are yours just let me know. They have very good karma, my son once caught 3 walleyes all over 15inches and two smallies about 16 inches in ten minutes on a fall day.(I oF course I put him on those fish!! )He told me ok Dad lets get going, to which I said not until I catch my fish.. His reply was I don't know if we have that much time Dad.. Out of the mouth of babes..Always the truth. God Bless!!!

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Thanks for the offer!


Not sure on sizes: would these work for a tall, skinny 8-yr-old girl? By next Fall I think she will be wanting them. Right now she only wants to fish in the river if it's warm and she can swim through the deep holes :)


Anyway, size permitting, I'd be interested.




Jon H

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