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Blocos, Santa, Blocos

Mike G

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This is a tip for Santa, parents, and grandparents who tie flies and have children between 5 and 10 years old on their Christmas lists. The Bloco Co. makes a series of kits that allow children to assemble all kinds of creatures from EVA foam components. My 5 year old grandson loves making them. Being at the low end of the age range, he needs a little help with instructions. We made a dynasaur.




The kit comtains 1/2 inch thick EVA sheets prepunched for body parts, details for eyes and teeth, and gadjets for forming joints. Instructions cover how to make several creatures and encourage kids to combine parts to create other creatures. Cost is $20-$30 depending on the kit.


When you are done you have several hours of quality time with the child, 4 or more creatures the child can play with, and a lot of 1/2 inch EVA punchout scraps for Bass Bugs. Here is a handful that I brought home the last time we visited. I wish I had brought more.




The cylinders are 1/2 inch diameter and will be made into EZ pops and Lefty's bugs. Since EVA is easily glued with crazy glue, I can assemble longer bodies for larger bugs. Since a 1.5 inch long foam cylinder costs me over 50 cents from a fly tying supplier I was glad to get these as a byproduct of a good time with my grandson.


Terry, in a pinch, you could use the cylinders as ear plugs.

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