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Great Article on Joseph Meyers' Efforts

Mike Clifford

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Way to go Joseph.......

Great article by Bob Maciulis, on a great cause.

Fly-fishing groups boost patients on path to recovery


January 2, 2007


Rivers are a common metaphor for life, a powerful, vibrant symbol of hope.


Throughout the year, Joseph Meyers can be found along the Fox River, teaching fly fishing. His One More Cast fly fishing pro shop in nearby Countryside is the hub for a growing fraternity of fly fishers, many of whom target smallmouth bass on the Fox as well panfish on the myriad retention ponds, subdivision lakes and Forest Preserve District waters.


Many fly fishers also tie their own flies and build their own rods, and Joseph is also one of the premier fly tiers in the Midwest. Meyers also hosts expeditions to some of the finest, most exotic places to fish. Brown trout in Chile. Brook trout north of the Great Lakes. Rainbows and browns on legendary rivers of the upper Midwest.


So, when Cathy Sero called him a few years ago, asking if he would be interested in teaching a small group of anglers she was taking to a lodge in northern Michigan, Joseph's semi-serious reply asking if she knew what he was paid for seminars should have shocked her.


"I know what you charge," Sero quietly answered. "And I know you're worth every penny. That's why I called you. I want the best for my group.


"Of course, I won't pay you and you'll have to pay your own way up to the lodge, as well as pay your own room and board."


Several years later, Meyers considers working with Cathy Sero's groups among his most treasured experiences in fishing.


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Guest One More Cast

I have fly fished from Alaska to Argentina, and have taught casting and fly tying with the biggest names in this industry. Truly, I am a blessed individual to make a living at my hobby and still have time to persue it.


Working with Reeling & Healing Midwest and Reel Recovery has been the most rewarding experience of my fly fishing career.


My thanks goes out to the many, many members of the ISA for their support with our Fly Tying Marathon and I look forward to their continued support.


More information on these groups can be found here:




Thanks for the kind words, Mike.



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