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Question for all Central Illinois Bassbuggers

Rob G

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I realize it's a little early to be thinking about our upcoming season of fly tying gatherings and events but I wanted to get your opinions. The past couple of years, we have held our fly tying meetings on one afternoon a month and I would like to continue that format for sure in January, February, and March. We have also alternated between having them in Bloomington and Champaign and I would like to continue that as well so as to keep driving distances reasonable and fair. My question is: Is there enough interest to have a 4th tie, in April and/or would you rather like to see one this November/December? I realize working around the Thanksgiving Day/Christmas season is tough but just want your ideas on the subject. We will be having a big fish fry at one of the tie-ins because my freezer is full of northern Wisconsin crappie fillets. Also we plan on having a swap meet of materials for another day and I'm looking for a "celebrity tier" for another event. If you've got other ideas but would rather not share them publically, please feel free to PM me.


Also, mark your calendar for January 7, Saturday; we will again be taking a group over to the Indianapolis one day fly fishing show where Tim Holschlag will be presenting again. His seminar last year on smallies was excellent and the show overall was quite nice, especially considering Chicago's show may or may not make. As like last year, we will be hitting 2 or 3 very nice fly shops within 20 minutes of one another and have dinner before heading back so as to make a nice day of it. Please consider joinging us for the day.



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