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Vermillion (Danville Area) Access

Steve Butler

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Hey, does anyone know of anywhere to access the Vermillion River at or below the dam in Danville? I've got this idea of doing an overnight float trip from Danville all the way down to the Wabash sometime this fall after my work schedule settles down. I already know where to camp for the night, and where the take-out is, but I'm not sure about where to put in.



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Agree with Phil if you're looking to get below the low level dam behind the county jail.


Be careful if you're traveling at night, the water is pretty low at this time and I was recently on the Wabash where the Vermilion merges and it was very low and a lot trees and other obstructions including a lot of sand bars exposed. I would want to go by the light of the day.

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Rob - Wasn't planning on any night paddling. This is an "overnight float" in the sense that it's a 2-day trip, i.e. we'd be camping out overnight. Not that we'd actually be paddling in the dark.


Phil - Thanks for the tip. Is there usually someone at the Untouchables to talk to on weekends? Not sure about portaging the dam. The last person I talked with that tried that got a talking-to from the Danville police. I guess they're a bit sensitive about people getting near the dam with a canoe, given recent events there.


- SB

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I just usually show up there. If there's a care taker or someone hanging around I'll stop by and say hi. Not much help sorry. Don't know about the overnight thing. I don't think going around the dam would be that big of a deal as the water is probably not even flowing over the dam. It's pretty tough access to the dam you have to repel down the cliff to get there. The only people I've ever seen down there were other crazy fisherman. But you don't want to get in trouble. There's a nice set of rapids down from the sewer plant be sure to fish them hard and I would work every piece of wood with a spinnerbait and a tube. The smallmouths hang by rocks and wood even more so because of the muskies. Good luck


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