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Nice Video

Mike G

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Here is a nice simple video on some basic fly tying considerations.




My comments: I am impressed with this guy's gear. That desk top Dyna-King Indexer vise costs close to $500. And I am sure that his scissors and other hardware are prime stuff also. So I have to add that tying does not have to be that expensive. A Dan Vise that cost less than $90 will serve exceptionally well as a vise. The tip about using different scissors for cutting materials is great. I would add that I will use Fiscar scissors left over from when the kids were in grade school for that task. Finally, I will add that I am surprised that the author did not mention gloves since the analogy is surgery. My tip is to get a box of food service gloves in your size. You only have to superglue your fingers together once to be convinced how good this tip is.

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