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NW Region- Green River Outing

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Saturday, Sept 10th

This is a wade or float trip. Currently (no pun intended) the river is in fine shape for either choice and I expect it will be so on the 10th as well. This river is a unique challenge in that it's atypical waters for Smallies but it holds some of the largest fish I've personally seen. You'll spend more time fishing if floating but you need to be prepared for a strenuous put-in and take-out and significant "paddle-by" stretches- not unusual for these lengths to be a mile. Waders must be willing to bridge hop by car and to hike along levees as well as scramble up and down some pretty steep banks. Shore fishing would be limited to bridges only and they get lots of pressure from locals. When fish ARE found, there's room for just two or three anglers at each location and you pretty much fish for an hour or so before moving on.


Since this river causes fish to be congregated and far between, we'll break up into 2-3 person teams for the day.



Call me at 309-314-2294 if you would like to join us. We'll meet at 7:30AM at the Hardee's restaurant just off I-80 in Geneseo (Rt 82 exit). If you want to float but have no ride I'll see what I can do to hook you up. Please post here if you plan to attend.



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