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Ross Flystik 8wt for sale or trade

Ryan Kral

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Hello guys. I am looking to trade my Ross Flystik, 8wt, 7'11" fly rod. The rod is like new, no flaws, maybe used 3 times. I do have a reel to go with it, its a White River Hobbs Creek, with Orvis 8wt Hyfloat line. Its an aluminum reel, not the most expensive reel, but compared to my pricier reel, I bought 2 more of the Hobbs Creeks for other rods I like it so much. I believe Ross claims it to be a med-fast action rod, but I would definetely put it closer to the fast end. I just unfortunately dont have enough use for two 8wts, and would get much more use out of a 6wt. Comes with rod sack and hard tube. Thanks, Ryan

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Hey Rich, I would prefer to sell the whole package, $175. Like I said, it has barely been used. It is great for throwing big flies, one of the few times I used it was for Musky in Northern WI, it handled those flies no problem, and is perfectly capable of handling a big fish, its got a lot of backbone. Thanks, Ryan

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