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Danvise On Sale

Mike G

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For the month of June J Stockard has a good deal on the Danvise with extension arm for $89.95. The MSRPs are vise $85 and arm $20. I have been using one for a few years now. I can make two comments. The steel jaws give a solid grip on the hook. Some guys get wrapped around the axel about the plastic parts. The materials used for some parts are Derlin a far cry from plastic. The Peak Rotary vise, for instance, used a Derlin screw to set the tension for the jaw rotation. Other features are better covered in the review by Ohio Fly Fishing. Review


I like the way what you get in the box can be reconfigured for special applications. First, here's the standard configuration holding a 5/0 Siwash hook.



The opposite is the Midge configuration holding a #16 hook.



The Clouser configuration gives you this popular new look.



Renzetti sells adapters to switch their standard vises to Clousers for about $50. To convert a Danvise you have to drill one small hole.



Finally the extension arm gives more clearance for longer wings.



Al and Gretchen Beatty are the North American distributors for the Danvise. I have gotten good answers when I contact them directly with questions.

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