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john w.

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Hi, Guys.


I'm not a fly fisherman, but my favorite way to catch panfish is with a fly tied below a casting bubble. My favorite fly is a size 12 flashback pheasant tail, but I'm running out of them. I lost two this past weekend. Is there a fly shop in the Downers Grove/Naperville area where I can buy some more? Bass Pro has them, but with a bead head, and I don't like those. Thanks for the help.



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I would at least try the one with a bead. They, flies in general, are so lite that the bead will help it go down a little faster and give a different and I feel better presentation.


Also, I can soak a fly all day under a float and get some hits, but the second I twitch the rod it seems to get attacked. At the right place I could easily average a pan fish every minute with that simple twitch to excite them.


Try gander in geneva, awhile ago that had a crazy low deals on loose flies. Orvis is in lombard if you want a place a little smaller to support.

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The Orvis shop in Lombard (Yorktown Shopping Center) probably carries some flies. I would call first.


You also could consider ordering flies via the Internet. It costs less to have a few flies shipped to your home than to drive more than a few miles to buy them in person. I have purchased trout flies from Fly Shack. My ham handed tying works OK for bass flies, but I am a butcher when it comes to tying tiny dry flies.

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