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Hey guys, just figured I'd ask for some tips. I'm trying to find a good campground to take my family to this summer. Fishing is number 2 priority, fun for the kids is number 1 (they can have fun fishing :D ). Travel is Lake of the Ozarks/Kentucky lake for maximum distance. That's kind of what we're thinking. Any good experiences are appreciated.

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We take the kids down to Montauk State Park in MO, allot...nice Campground...Stocked trout in the park..and there are some very nice brown trout in the blue ribbon area below the park. Some great floating opportunaties too....plan your stay during the week to avoid the weekend party crowd, especially if you plan to float.


Trout predominate in the 20 miles of water above Akers Ferry,but there is some decent smallie fishing if you head downriver for a float between Pulltite & Two Rivers. There are some nice National Park Service campgrounds at Pulltite, Round Spring, and Two Rivers. Cheers.



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If your looking to get to Kentucky Lake I highly recommend Big Bear Resort.


My family vacationed here for years after trying several other campgrounds down there. They have a variety of lodging depending on your budget, from camping to cabins to condos. Full marina with boat rental and guide service, you can also rent a slip for your boat if you have one. Beach on the property along with a pool, kids activities, basketball courts, jet skis, parasailing.


My Mom and most of my brothers could care less about fishing, so this was the only place we went back to year after year that gave them plenty of stuff to do and allowed my Dad and I to fish about 10 hours a day.


It's a nice family owned business where they care about you and not just the money.

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If you are looking for weekend camping try Smokey Hollow Campground about a half hour North of Madison in Wisc. A lot of stuff on site for the kids and Lake Wisconsin is two minutes away. Good for walleyes. I would avoid weekdays, though. They bring in a couple of buses of kids for day camp.

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