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North meets South 9am 5/7

John Loebach

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5/7/11 North meets South Clave: tying, casting & fishing.

Calling all Bassbuggers come join in this season’s final tying event!

When – 5/7/11 from 9am to 2pm

Where – Godly Park District, Rec Hall, 500 S. Kankakee Godly, IL.

Near Braidwood Lake & Mazonia Fish & Wildlife Area

What – From 9 am to about 1 tying & casting at the park Rec. Hall

Lunch will be ordered in – donations appreciated.

At 2pm we will proceed to fishing the nearby lakes, bring your boat with motor for Braidwood cooling lake or canoe, kayak , float tube for Mazonia. If runoff & water levels cooperate the Kankakee is also an option for wading.


Coming fast - its next Saturday. A show of hands who plan to attend would be helpful.



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Still on for tomorrow - there is a street closure in town tomorrow for a Rte. 66 fest. Take Smith rd. east off 53 ( 1 block south of Kankakee ) to stop , left & you turn into the park. Rec. hall is not the main bld. follow park rd. left towards the water tower. See ya there!



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