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sign posting 4-30

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Zach and I got to the main spot we wanted to get new signs up in at the Des Plaines Conservation area and found the gates closed due to high water. We will wait until the river recedes and try again. We did put up one new sign in the DPCA.


We went next to the Kankakee River State Park to put some signs up where they were missing. We also took a ride around to take down the walleye signs with the old regs. While on the tour we discovered a spot where the vandals took a new tack. the sign was on the lower end of large wood structure that the IDNR uses to post thier signs. The vandals used an accelerant and set fire to the bottom of the post and the ISA sign. That area got a metal post for the new sign. Altogether 4 signs replaced in the KRSP, 2 more than my original survey indicated. We tightened up or added screws to other signs as needed. There were three old walleye signs removed as well.


The rest of the posts and signs will go to the DPCA when the time comes.


It's amazing how signs in certain areas disappear while other are untouched since the original ISA posting of these signs in the park.

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