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Well . . . with 12 work days left until retirement, I needed a unit to "tote my new boat" to smallie and walleye lakes and rivers since my 2005 Ford 500 is incapable of towing much with continuous speed transmission.


Visited 15-20 dealerships over the past weekend (what a trip that was), but did find a 2010 demo Ford Explorer Sport Trac that I just bought tonite. Will tow up to 5,000 lbs, but my boat, motors and trailer only weigh 3,500 lbs, so I should have no problem hauling seven 200-pound ISA members + 100 lbs of gear in the boat enroute to our group fishing destination.


That said, retirement can't come too soon !!!

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Thanks Steve,


I needed a good laugh!


Considering you're not among the 200-pounders, Don . . . you and I can both have a good laugh!

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steve, dont wait. plan an ISA outing now. rich


Got the Sport Trac, Rich . . . but still waiting for the boat. So no go for now. Steve

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