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Mark K

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I use some fingerless fleece gloves for the sorta chilly season and neoprene gloves for the cold season. I think I got the neoprene gloves ("Glacier Gloves" comes to mind) at Bass Pro. They have slits in the thumb and pointer finger so you can pull the tips of those fingers out and tie knots etc. Although the neoprene gloves work okay, I still don't have a GREAT solution. My hands still get cold and sometimes they need a little warm up (usually sticking the bare hands in the ol' armpits.) Maybe if I stick my lure there it will work as well as garlic-flavored plastics??? :D


Okay, never type after coming home from the friday night pub...



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Fingerless are out of the question. I was thinking about those glacier gloves. Think I have a better shot of tying knots with mittens on than my fingers when they are exposed to cold. It's gotten flat out painful and my fingers are so stiff I can hardly move them.

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I picked up some really nice gloves from wal mart. They are Rocky hunting gloves. They are a lot like baseball batting gloves. I bought them extra small so they would fit tight on my hands. The palms of the gloves seem to have just a slight tack to them. So far, I love them. I think they were around $12. I will post a pic of a smallmouth where I am wearing the gloves.



here they are:




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