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Testing the waters!

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, I was getting a little anxious to do some fishing, and then with this warm up, I couldn't resist any longer. I went out on a couple spots on the West Branch, wasn't expecting to catch much, just to check out the conditions of the water. One spot in Winfield was wide open, no ice at all. About 1 mile south of that spot, it was completely iced over still, but very thin. Literally as I was walking up to the river, I could already see a good size Carp tailing along the the surface. On my third cast in its direction, it bit my green and white Clouser minnow. To be honest, I was really not expecting any to bite, and this one happen to be a large Carp. Unfortunately, I lost him trying to get him up onto the ice shelf, snapped my 3X tippet. Fished for a couple hrs, no other bites, no Smallies yet. Real pretty though, worth getting out for sure.

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