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Anatomy of a Rock Drop

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On Saturday February 13th, the ISA and friends participated in an annual event known as "Rockfest".

Essentially, heavy equipment and manual labor are coordinated to drop truckloads of habitat enhancement into the lake.


We're proud to support this effort in the Shabbona Lake State Park and look forward to a few giant smallmouth lurking around the rocks once the ice melts.


A great big THANK YOU goes out to Rich McElligott for his hard work and dedication every year.

Many thanks to everyone that gave their time to be there.


On to the photos:











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Guest rich mc

was an interesting project. ice was about 26inches we had to gas auger the holes as we didnt have a chain saw that long. almost lost a bobcat sliding over the bankand had to get a tow truck and another bobcat to pull it back up. joe a, mike c,jim b.eugene, denny s and i were there for isa , drift had several and mike allen is a member of both

two holes were cut one in 8ft and the other about 25ft away in 10. the deeper hole had the pile of larger rocks built up to about 3ft from the top of the ice, the shallower hole was at least 5ft tall. large rocks were placed on shore to mark the location. will try to get some underwater photos soon. rich

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Guest airbornemike

First time at the old rock drop, I was only able to stay for the morning portion. Hats off to Rich all the Shabbona Lake Sportsman Club folks that organize and work this outting, when the Bobcat got stuck it was anything but easy doing it by hand.

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Thanks for putting out for Shabbona anglers. You guys ROCK!



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