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Sgt. Tommy's and Camp Edwards

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Much the same as the ISA conducts fundraisers that preserve smallmouth fisheries and habitat, Sgt. Tommy's Kids raises funds to promote the youth education side of things.

Many of you have supported this effort over the past 4 years, as has the ISA.

Thanks to your dedication, we are able to get things done for IL youth in promoting environmental education.

I'm extremely proud to be a part of both efforts.


On January 27th, 2011, in accordance with our mission statement of promoting youth appreciation and education of the outdoors, Sgt Tommy's Kids proudly made a donation of $6,000 to Edwards YMCA Camp in East Troy, Wisconsin. This money was directed towards three different Elementary schools in Elgin, Illinois, helping them attend Camp Edwards Environmental Education Program. The donation will help absorb the transportation costs, which are often a big deterrent to attending camp. This will help make outdoor education possible for over 225 children!




This of course could not be done without the help of our generous donors and volunteers who continually come out in support of Sgt. Tommy's Kids. We thank all of you for your time and resources for what we feel is a very important effort, keeping children exposed to the outdoors and all that it has to offer.




Sgt Tommy himself is evidence of the strong values the outdoors can instill in a child. He was an attendee of Camp Edwards in 1993 and an avid outdoorsman. As a child you could find Tommy either out hunting with his favorite hunting buddy, his father, or out fishing with Grandpa Cooper. Tommy was also a gifted wake boarder and enjoyed many other outdoor activities.




We look forward to partnering with Camp Edwards in the coming years, to make sure that Outdoor Education in our school systems does not get left behind.


We know Tommy would be proud.

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