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QC Region January Meeting minutes

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Date: Saturday, January 22


Time: 9:00 AM


Place: IHOP Moline, Illinois



Attendees; Ron Price, Fred Genung, Rich Vincent, Bob Fauser, Matt Schroeder, Mark Odell & Bob Bartels






1. QC Outdoor Show February 17-20, 2011


a. booth assignments


i. Thursday evening Jonn G & Bob B


ii. Friday evening Matt S & Ron P


iii. Saturday morning Matt S & Ron P


iv. Saturday afternoon/evening Dave J & Matt S (Mark Odell may be able to help for awhile)


v. Sunday morning/afternoon no volunteers available


b. Jonn G & Bob B will arrange to pick up booth materials


c. ISA booth will be next to be QC Hawkeye Fly Fishing club



2. Tentative QC region events set by attendees


Month Outing Trip Coordinator


a. April Crow Creek/Duck Creek wade Matt S


b. June Apple River QC outing wade Dave J


c. July Apple River Rockford outing wade join Rockford chapter


d. August Missouri smallmouth trip float Bob F


e. September Green River wade & float Ron P


(trip coordinators will set dates later depending on calendars and weather)



3. Green River sign posting discussed. Ron Price will inquire with ISA officers about rules, signs & post




Submitted by Dave Jones

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