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Wanted: Rotary Vise


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I don't know how good a vise you're looking for, but Barlows Tackle out of Texas offers a Terra rotary vise for about $40. Check out barlowstackle.com. If you haven't come across this company yet, they offer a WIDE variety of tackle craft supplies at reasonable prices and fair shipping fees. Their shipping is pretty quick, too.

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Be sure to Google up some reviews on that Terra vise and whatever other vises you come across. I read up on it out of curiousity. Though you can't beat the price, there were some questions about its sturdiness and ability to hold large hooks.


One place to look for reviews of other vises is Fly Fish Ohio


It could be worthwhile to dig into the topic before making a choice. Al and Gretchen Beatty have written a great book that not only reviews many true rotary vises but also gives a lot of great instructions on how to capitalize on the advantages of this kind of vise.


"After using inline rotary vises for a number of years it finally became quite clear that almost all tiers who owned such a vise really didnt understand what this awesome tool could do."The Book


The same page also has links to videos for the Danvise-a good vise for a good price.Setup 1Setup 2


By the way Al Beatty was very helpful when I contacted him directly about a problem I was having. He also told me how to convert the vise to a Clouser (horizontal jaw) configuration. Renzetti will sell you a Clouser head for $150 or so. To convert the Danvise, all I had to do was drill a small hole in the coulette and use the hardware I already had.


Happy shopping.

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Thanks guys, I think i'm going t get the Dan-Vise. Thanks for all the info.


I do not think you will be disappointed. By the way the only problem I had was getting the instructional DVD to work on my DVD player. Since it is the same video as the U Tube videos, that was not a big problem. Beatty sent a replacement. It turned out that there was a setup setting on my DVD player that I had to change. Let me know if you have that problem.


Consider getting the extension arm right away. J Stockard bundles the vise ($85) and the arm ($25) together for $100. Watch for sales and check Craig's and eBay if you are a bargain hunter.


Good luck!

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