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Slider vs. standard pencil popper bodies

Rob G

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Guest rich mc

for the areas i fish most. the slider type heads work best in the morning and the popper work better in the afternoon and evening. this has held true at shabbona lake for about 10 years. dont know why rich

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Sneaky Pete's seem to work best dead drift when the water is low & clear...Their a mainstay in the Ozark's in the summertime even mid-day, but foul a rubber leg on the hook and they are flat out worthless.......Poppers..seem to work better on stained water...or early or late...but dont pop them too much..They will work dead drift in the middle of the day on clear water as well.. Pencil Poppers & Crease Flies...seem to work best on clear broken water with a very fast retrieve. Same with Greg's Coffey Grinders....I've had my best daytime luck on choppy clear water, or on stained water...but they really shine at night. Cheers.

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