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Doctor Robert Reid


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Today, my fellow ISA colleagues, is among the saddest days of my life . . . for on this day my best friend and fishin' buddy, Dr. "Bob" Reid was laid to rest following a 5-day battle with the flu that ultimately took his life at the "young" age of 72.


Why, you may ask, am I sharing this with you? Well . . . while Bob was not a member of our distinguished Alliance, his favored prey (usually in my presence from shore, in my canoe, or on a rental boat) was the smallmouth bass . . . and did he ever know how to catch them!!! Oh yes . . . he enjoyed catching other species that took his bait as well, but it was the bronzeback that he always sought. He kidded me that I converted him from a "Fillet and Release" smallmouth bass fisherman to a "Catch and Release" bronzeback fisherman. Mission accomplished.


May my friend and fishin' buddy lie in peace . . . and on his spare time teach the disciples of Christ the skills that he applied and refined in catching his favorite prey . . . the smallmouth bass.



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sorry to hear that.i remember him being amazed when you caught a bunch of bass at shabbona all in row. i think you both fished with me twice. rich


You're right, Rich . . . twice Bob and I partnered with you in your fishin' boat, and were planning on making it out again next year more frequently after I retired.


In honor of Bob and his love of fishing with me by his side, I'm planning on visiting each and every locale that we fished together. Yes . . . that means I'll be out to fish with you once again on Shabbona Lake. :)


If I shed a tear while fishing though, you'll know why and understand. :(

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